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Tailor artificial intelligence to your unique style and needs — meticulously crafted from your unique inputs and style to revolutionize the way you create, communicate and collaborate

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It’s all about your Success story

StoryPad: Your platform for success. Our user-friendly interface and adaptable features empower your personal and professional journey, unlocking your full potential. Explore endless possibilities with StoryPad.

Your unique Cognitive Style embraced by personal AI

At StoryPad, our personal intelligence adapts to your unique communication styles and cognitive needs, ensuring a tailored experience.

Breaking Barriers, Connecting voices

Our innovative technology breaks down barriers by bridging voices with text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities, empowering neurodiverse individuals to share their unique perspectives with the world.

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Integrated everywhere

Use Storypad on over 10.000+ platforms being available for Desktop, Mobile and as a browser extension.

Rewrite your sentences

No more overthinking and worrying about your wording anymore. Rewrite sentences in one click.

Fix grammar & spelling

Because no one spells “conscientious” correctly on the first try. Leave no room for error.

Personal intelligence

Build a 100% personalized AI based on your input, knowledge and style. Put an end to generic interactions.

Expand your ideas

Start with a thought and let your personal intelligence arrive at a first draft. Say goodbye to writer’s block.

Cross language barriers

Communicate effectively with diverse audiences in over 25+ supported languages.

What we offer

Fully customizable AI assistant

Tailor Zeno to your unique style and needs — meticulously crafted from your unique inputs, and style, revolutionizing the way you create, communicate and collaborate.

Create content everywhere

Creating your content has never been this easy. Academic articles, blog posts, emails all generated in seconds. Wherever you are on the internet.

Highlight to do the magic

Rewrite, expand, summarize, create and do many more with just one click. Finding the right words has never been this easy.

Say “goodbye” to generic AI

The personal intelligence of Storypad adapts to your unique communication style and needs, making you an immediate executor of your ideas.

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What the People say

Testimonials has revolutionized the way I express myself through storytelling. The platform’s user-friendly interface and supportive community have empowered me to bring my narratives to life. It’s a true haven for storytellers!

Susan Doe has become my go-to destination for inspiration and collaboration. This platform not only fuels my creative fire but also connects me with fellow storytellers from around the world. It’s where stories come to life!

Kate Smith is a storytelling oasis that has rekindled my passion for writing. It offers a seamless and engaging experience, allowing me to share my tales effortlessly. This platform is a game-changer for storytellers like me!

Adam Doe

Unlock your full potential with an AI Companion

Combine the potency of reworking with the latest AI generation capabilities. Our AI algorithms, trained with billions of lines of text, help marketers,  e-commerce entrepreneurs and copywriters do more with their content every day.

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Select a template among 60+ others

Start (re)writing content

Your AI partner is ready to write content.

Save time and improve your writing using Storypad.
Create content in seconds in every text box.

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Question? Answers

Is Storypad free?

Yes, Storypad does indeed offer a free plan. Upon signing up, you will receive an initial allocation of 50 free creations. Additionally, on the free plan, you’ll receive 20 recurring creations every day.

This feature is designed to help you become familiar with the process of creating content with the assistance of an AI writer.

If your requirements for content creation exceed these limits, you have the option to explore our reward center, where you can unlock premium features and potentially access more resources to meet your needs.

Is the created text unique and plagiarism-free?

Our AI writers have been extensively trained on a dataset consisting of over 3 billion sentences. They have undergone thorough training and can generate content that closely resembles human writing, approaching a level of near uniqueness.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that fact-checking remains a task that necessitates human validation and approval.

Which languages does Storypad support?

Storypad is a versatile platform that supports more than 20 languages, including but not limited to:

  1. English
  2. Dutch
  3. German
  4. Ukrainian
  5. Romanian
  6. Spanish
  7. Portuguese
  8. French
  9. Italian

This extensive language support enables users to create content in their preferred language, making it a valuable tool for a diverse range of users and content creators.

How is the text created by Storypad AI?

At Storypad, our AI writers are highly specialized and have undergone extensive training in a wide variety of topics, formats, and text structures. To ensure they understand and execute your instructions effectively, they have been exposed to a vast dataset comprising more than 3 billion sentences. This specialization equips them with the knowledge and context needed to tailor their content creation to your specific requirements.

In practice, our AI writers think in a manner akin to human writers. They craft sentences word by word, carefully considering the context to determine the most suitable word to use next. This process enables them to generate content that aligns closely with your needs and preferences.

Does Storypad offer Text Generation API?

Certainly! We offer a Text Generation API to provide you with even more flexibility and integration options. To discuss and implement this API, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. You can reach our team at We look forward to assisting you with your text generation needs.